Widespread rumors about a potential High School Musical 4" movie started after a fan-made video went viral last month. The fans were led to believe that an idea of a fourth iteration of the popular teen-movie would be a perfect scenario. Seeing the fame that the movie has already gained even before it gets finalized, there might be chances that one of these production houses will take up the job. Disney found a lot of success with the first three films in the franchise, with quite a few television viewers tuning in to watch the sendoff of these characters in "High School Musical 3."

Cast and characters details

Actress Vanessa Hudgens even reacted to a possibility of the movie taking place.

She said that she had seen the fan-made video and it made her really excited. She further went on to add that on a dinner date with co-star, Ashley Tisdale (who also appeared in "High School Musical"), they both concluded that it would be a great idea if a fourth movie was in the making. But she then added that if such a thing would be taking place then she wouldn’t be a part of it. Hudgens thinks that she is too old to fit in the movie. At the same time, a report by Elite Daily claims that Monique Coleman – who played Taylor McKessie (one of the Wildcats) in the movie – is willing to reprise her role.

Taylor McKessie was among the top six primary character in the “High School Musical” trilogy.

In an interview with AfterBuzz TV, she confirmed that she had seen the fan-made video based on the popular teen movie. Furthermore, she admitted that the fake trailer gave her nostalgic feelings and she would definitely reprise her role for the sake of her friends. Film’s original director, Kenny Ortega in an interview with People’s Choice has expressed his interest in persuading the idea.

He said that he wants to be a part of it in any way he possibly can. He had a lot of fun shooting the “High School Musical” trilogy and wouldn’t mind going back and recreating the same kind of memories.

Vanessa Hudgens on her role

According to a report by E! Online, Vanessa Hudgens was asked about her role as Gabriella. The actress said that she is 28 years old and that she would probably suit the role of a teacher.

But she doesn’t want to play a teacher because she is still a teenager at heart. Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense for her to reprise her role if a fourth “High School Musical” movie was in the making. Zac Efron, meanwhile, has been reaching new heights as far as his career is concerned. The actor hasn’t been able to make a comment on the matter as of yet. Whether or not he has even seen the fan-made video based on the popular teen movie as yet, is also unknown.