FOX has already given the green light for "The X-Files" season 11 and the network even had an official announcement for the said series. Now that the 11th season is out in the open, fans are curious about the major details like the air date and possible new cast members.

Previous reports revealed that aside from gillian anderson and David Duchovny, who play the role of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder respectively, a new set of characters will reportedly be introduced to the series. This has remained unconfirmed by the showrunners but there might be new developments and details uncovered in the recent weeks.

The success of "The X-Files" franchise is undeniably a product of the great imagination and creativity of Chris Carter and the excellent portrayal of lead actors, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. With millions of fans worldwide, "The X-Files" season 11 cast and crew are in for a wild ride as they return to the small screen.

Fresh mysteries for Mulder and Scully

According to "The X-Files" season 11 spoilers, Mulder and Scully will encounter all new mysteries, some of which they have never imagined dealing with in their entire careers as supernatural investigators. Some spoilers also suggest that the series might touch a bit on the supernatural side of social media.

Of course, the cliffhanger scene from "The X-Files" season 10 finale will also be dealt with to give the fans a well-deserved closure.

For the fans who can't wait for the official air date of the upcoming season, they can listen to prequel Podcasts powered by Audible. The voices behind the podcasts are of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, so it couldn't get more authentic than this.

The warehouse of secrets

When people mention "The X-Files," the most common thing that comes to mind is the vast, lush forest where Scully and Mulder stumble upon different mysteries.

However, spoilers for the upcoming season have been dropping hints around the warehouse where Fox keeps a lot of secrets.

James Wong, one of the producers of the longest-running TV series, has revealed that he will be returning to work on a few episodes. He also teased the fans by saying that while they are open to mythological plot twists that seem to interconnect with one another, they are also working on some standalone stories.

Another producer, Glenn Morgan, has also revealed that he will be working on two episodes for "The X-Files" season 11. With the convergence of the classic production team and cast, FOX's upcoming pop-culture supernatural TV series revival is expected to be a big hit among viewers of all ages, which is targeted to be aired for the 2017-2018 season.