Norman Reedus has certainly done plenty of crazy things on "The Walking Dead." After all, playing Daryl Dixon requires a lot from the actor, like hunting squirrels and simply refusing to wash up once their group arrives in Alexandria. However, Reedus' most recent challenge was to appear completely naked in the seventh season. Interestingly, the star of "Air" may have left a lasting impression on the crew of the AMC series.

In the Season 7 episode "The Cell," it was revealed that Daryl has been kept in a dark room under Negan's orders. Daryl gets mentally tortured by Dwight, who feeds him dog food sandwiches while playing the song "Easy Street" repeatedly.

However, the most unexpected moments in the episode was when Daryl was stripped naked in the filthy cell. Not surprisingly, Norman Reedus has an interesting story to tell about filming without a stitch on for "The Walking Dead."

Going sockless on 'TWD'

Reedus was a guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where the host asked how he felt about working on the intense scenes without any clothes on. The "Boondock Saints" actor admitted that he was miserable while they were filming so he decided to pass on the sock that was supposed to cover his sensitive area. However, the "TWD" crew were not aware that Reedus would walk into the set completely naked.

Reedus didn't leave his trailer absolutely bare. He had "a bathrobe," which he had to remove to begin working.

This is when everyone got extremely uncomfortable. "I just dropped the robe and I was b*tt naked and they all just, kind of like they were watching Wimbledon", Norman Reedus told Jimmy Kimmel, explaining that everybody "all kind of looked to the left." He also revealed that he shared a special bond with one particular "TWD" crew member.

"I had this makeup artist, Addison, who had to dirty me in areas," Reedus stated. The actor joked that he and the crew member "became very close by the end of the day." Luckily, it doesn't look like the actor will need to endure more naked scenes in "The Walking Dead" Season 8.

What's next for Daryl Dixon?

Daryl had spent much of the seventh season as Negan's prisoner, but he was ultimately reunited with Rick Grimes and the rest of his friends. Although Daryl is now working with Rick in the war against the Saviors, he also appears to be getting help from Dwight. Hopefully, this would mean that Dwight will be the one person who will ultimately bring down the Sanctuary.

What will happen now that Daryl is working with Dwight? The upcoming episode "The Damned" might reveal the truth. "The Walking Dead" Season 8 Episode 2 will air on AMC on October 29.