"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Eve Donovan will officially be back in action this week, and she will blow back into Salem with some huge news that will shock everyone. As "DOOL" fans saw on Friday's episode, Eve is back in town, and she wants some answers about Deimos Kiriakis' death - but why? What could Eve gain by inquiring about Deimos? Well, it seems that she's been hiding a huge secret, and she's finally ready to spill the beans to the Kiriakis family.

Eve and Deimos were married!

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Eve Donovan will shockingly reveal that she has a major connection to Deimos Kiriakis.

It seems that while Deimos was alive and courting Nicole, whom he planned to marry at one point before his death, he was also hiding a secret wife - Eve! That's right, Eve and Deimos were married, and now everyone in the Kiriakis family is going to have to deal with the drama that Deimos' widow will certainly bring to their lives.

The mansion is getting another tenant

Eve's huge bombshell will mean that she believes she's owed part of the Kiriakis lifestyle, including money and the mansion. Eve will reportedly move into the mansion, which has a few vacancies now that Nicole, Holly, and Bonnie Lockhart have all moved out. Once Eve is in the house she'll try to get the upper hand on the wealthy family and begin to assert her place as Deimos' widow.

It will be revealed that Eve and Deimos got married, off screen, but "Days Of Our Lives" fans will get a glimpse into their relationship with a newly filmed flashback scene that features actor Vincent Irizarry as the now late Deimos Kiriakis.

Eve to run Titan?

Eve will seemingly fight for what she believes she is owed as Deimos' wife, which could include a piece of the Kiriakis fortune or even a place at Titan.

As many "Days of our Lives" fans already know, the fight to be Titan's CEO is on. Brady and Sonny both want the job, but neither of them is really in a good place in their lives to handle the responsibility. Sonny is dealing with the fact that his husband, Will Horton, may actually still be alive, while Brady is a mess following his split with Nicole, and has started drinking again, which could lead to bigger problems for him now that Eve has arrived back in Salem.

Will Brady lose custody of Tate?

With Eve in the Kiriakis mansion, she's bound to see what a mess Brady has become. "Days of our Lives" viewers know that Eve is the sister of Theresa Donovan, Brady's former fiance. Theresa left down to help catch a drug lord and lied to Brady about it to keep him safe. Theresa also left behind her baby boy, Tate, and his aunt Eve may not like how Brady's raising their son. Could Eve cause even more drama by trying to take custody of little Tate from Brady when he's at his lowest? It seems that Brady better shape up before he's truly lost everything.