Kathy Griffin broke her silence on the issue with Bravo host Andy Cohen by posting a video statement on YouTube, Fox News reported. Titled “Kathy Griffin: A Hell Of A Story,” the television personality also made comments against TMZ.

The “Watch What Happens Live” host earlier told TMZ that “he didn’t know” Griffin who used to be one of the celebrities on Bravo network as well. However, the comedienne argued that they actually knew each other.

One of her accusations revealed on the YouTube video was that Cohen once offered her cocaine at work and “mistreated women” in the company.

She also spoke against TMZ’s founder Harvey Levin. She said that the two “honestly live just to take women down.”

The issue

The conflict between these two Bravo network personalities started when Andy Cohen was chosen to replace Kathy Griffin on a CNN show. The “Watch What Happens Live” host will join Anderson Cooper during the New Year’s Eve special of the news channel.

The comedienne had hosted this program for around ten years but was replaced because of a controversy involving the United States president. She lost her job after holding a headless version of President Donald Trump’s “decapitated head” during the show. It was slammed by several critics including those who belonged to the opposition.

According to her video statement, the issue of Trump’s “decapitated head” was fuelled by TMZ’s Harvey Levin. She revealed how her mother received “death threats at her retirement village” and how her sister received “death threats at her apartment as well.”

She also claimed that TMZ intensified the issue “to the point where it’s actually affected” her television career.

The video has earned around 750,000 views as of press time.

Cohen responds

Andy Cohen has also released his statement about the video.

He also commented on her claims that he offered her drugs in their working environment, MSN Entertainment reported.

“I am completely stunned by this story. It is 100% false and totally made up,” he wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile, Griffin also responded to the male television host’s statements that he did not know her.

She wrote on Twitter, “Even when it’s on tape, there are doubters? [He] was my boss for ten years. Treated me like a dog. Deeply misogynistic.”

Griffin has previously appeared on Cohen’s show on the cable channel. The latter also produced a Bravo series for her titled “My Life On The D-List.” Meanwhile, Levin has not yet commented on the YouTube video.