"The Walking Dead" is finally back, and the series certainly didn't waste time in getting right into the action. The Season 8 premiere opened with a tribute to the show's pilot episode before Rick Grimes immediately rallied his newly formed army straight into Sanctuary. But is it possible that "Mercy" also teased on the possibility that a major character will end up dead in the eighth season?

In the premiere of "The Walking Dead" Season 8, almost all of the main characters gathered together in an effort to bring the war to Negan and the Saviors.

All except Rosita, who was left behind in Alexandria. Is it possible that Abraham Ford's ex-girlfriend will be the first to get written off the AMC series in the current season?

What will happen to Rosita?

In the Season 7 finale, Rosita was badly injured, and some were even concerned that she would end up dead. However, it looks like she is recovering just fine in "Mercy." But is it possible that her ongoing recovery is not the only reason why Rosita was forced to sit out the war against the Saviors in the premiere?

Rosita fans need not worry about the character being killed off anytime soon. According to Scott Gimple, Rosita is simply getting some time off, because actress Christian Serratos actually gave birth to her first child on the same day that production started for Season 8.

Luckily, the executive producer told Entertainment Weekly that Rosita will be back in action soon.

It might look like Rosita will live to see another season, but a different character might be in trouble in "TWD" Season 8. The premiere episode also hinted on someone possibly passing the torch to Maggie Rhee.

Is this Rick's final season?

Amidst the chaos that unfurled in "Mercy," Rick Grimes found time to speak to Maggie and perhaps offer a clue on what would happen in the eighth season. Rick somehow told Glenn Rhee's widow that he is ready to follow her once the war is over. It might seem like Rick was stating that Maggie would make a better leader than Gregory or anybody else in the TV series.

However, some believe it was a way of foreshadowing the possibility that Rick will not survive to see the end of the show.

Could Rosita finally recover from her injuries and join the future battles in "TWD?" Will Rick live long enough to see Maggie and the rest of the survivors finally defeat Negan and the Saviors? "The Walking Dead" Season 8 currently airs on AMC every Sunday nights.