Fans are still looking for any and all information about “The Last Kingdomseason 3. The BBC and Netflix still remain quiet on the topic, but that doesn’t mean the show is cancelled. In fact, there are high chances that the third season will be confirmed either later this year or into next year. The BBC has a habit of staying quiet on renewal news, helping to hype up the expectations.

If the BBC does decide to drop it, there is always the chance that Netflix could continue the story itself. This is one of the benefits of the streaming service taking up the show.

So, with all this in mind, who can we expect to return for the third season?

Based on books five and six of the Saxon Series

The Last Kingdom” is based on a novel series by Bernard Cornwall, known as the Saxon Series. Since the first two seasons covered the first four books (two books per season) it is highly likely that the third season will cover books five and six: “The Burning Land” and “Death of Kings.” If this is the case, it’s possible to determine the characters who will return for the series.

Fans can expect Alexander Dreymon to reprise his role of narrator Uhtred of Bebbanburg. This is the central character of the series after all. He will navigate the uncertain waters with his wife Gisela, played by Peri Baumeister.

And of course, David Dawson’s King Alfred and Eliza Butterworth’s Queen Aelswith are expected to return.

As the last season was focused on Princess Aethelflaed, played by Millie Brady, we can assume that she will be back for another season. The season will see her recover from the loss of her Danish love, Erik.

Danish favorites will be back in ‘The Last Kingdom’

We will also likely see Brida, played by Emily Cox, return. She wasn’t in the second season as much as the first, but don’t count her out as a main player just yet. The character does appear in the fifth novel, so it’s just up to schedules as to whether the actress will reprise the role.

If not, we may see a new face to the character.

Likewise, Princess Aethelflaed’s abusive husband, Aethelred, is likely to return. Toby Rego is known by “Reign” fans as the loving and kind King Francis, but he took on a much darker and hated role in “The Last Kingdom” season 2. The character is in the fifth book, so should return to the series.

Ælfric is also expected. This is the uncle of Uhtred and the main enemy throughout the series. Ælfric stole Uhtred’s home and sold the poor boy into slavery with the Danes. It didn’t quite work out to Ælfric plan’s, since Uhtred became like a son to Ragnar. Uhtred wants his home back, so expect to see Joseph Millson return.