If you're still wondering about the fate of Uhtred, you are not alone. "The Last Kingdom" fans continue to scour the internet for news about a renewal. Netflix and the BBC remain quiet over the future of the series, making many fans worry that it will not survive. However, views have been promising, especially as "Game of Thrones" and "Vikings" fans learn more about it.

News of 'The Last Kingdon' was expected last month

Alexander Dreymon, who plays Uhtred, shared with The Express that fans would learn within the next couple of months as to whether the show was being renewed.

This was shared back in June, so fans expected to hear by the end of August whether there would be a third season or not. We're now nearly at the end of September with absolutely no idea whether the show will return. This wouldn't look good in terms of American network standards, but the British networks do have a different way of working. "Sherlock" fans, for example, went months believing their show was canceled at one point, only for it to make a surprising return.

The lack of news also isn't surprising considering the 15-month wait for the Season 2 premiere, after the Season 1 finale. The BBC has a bad habit of making fans wait a long time for their favorite shows. "Doctor Who" fans will know that shows can be pushed off for a year because of things like soccer.

Netflix likely isn't giving up

While Netflix has a habit of keeping ratings information a secret, there is some good news. It hasn't dropped out of producing "The Last Kingdom" just yet. If it was really worried about the fate of the show, it could decide to pull out and leave the BBC to figure things out for itself. Instead, the streaming service shows that it is somewhat happy with how the show is performing.

It is possible that Netflix could continue the show without the BBC, should the British network choose to drop it. This wouldn't be the first time. Starz chose to continue with "The White Princess," despite the BBC pulling out after the poor performance of parent show "The White Queen." It's not like Netflix will be out of material.

"The Last Kingdom" is based on the novel series by Bernard Cornwall. So far, just the first four books have been covered, so there are six more available already. Cornwall is working on more, extending the series. Chances are Uhtred isn't going to get his ancestral home back just yet.

If "The Last Kingdom" season 3 is confirmed, it likely won't be released until the middle of next year. Regardless, fans want to know whether the show will return after the last seasons exciting ending.