New York Comic-Con goers were introduced to the latest trailer for “Man in the High Castle.” However, it wasn’t quite a trailer in a standard sense. The video was a sneak peek at the things to come in the third season. Fans of the Alternate History show can expect to see more about the various realities and dimensions.

In Season 2, we learned more about Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith, played by Rufus Sewell, before the war and how he would react when his own son would need to be euthanized. This season it looks like we will see him learn all about the different realities out there.

John Smith sees an experiment in the making

During the “Man in the High Castle” season 3 trailer, Smith learns about a film courier currently in custody. He wants to take the girl into SS custody, but she will remain in a medical facility where she can be tested. This isn’t just any courier, but someone who has traveled from a different world. It turns out that the same person from their reality had died due to experimentation and the Nazis want to understand more about the ability to travel to different dimensions.

We learned about the possibilities of the different worlds at the end of Season 1. Nobosuke Tagomi, while meditating, transported himself to the world that we know of today; one where the Allied Powers won World War II.

Throughout season 2, Tagomi traveled back to this alternate world, learning more about the things that happened in Japan in 1945 but also that his son and wife were still alive.

Tagomi also learned that one of his own men had traveled from this world. This man wanted to get into a world where the Japanese won, no matter the other costs.

The worlds start to crack open

Fans will now get to explore the various worlds. There may be far more out there than we could ever imagine. How will Smith react when he understands about the differing worlds and will he learn that there is a place where America beat Germany and Japan?

Sewell shared at NYCC that the worlds will start to crack open throughout the season for Smith.

He didn’t go into detail about the meaning of those words. Will he find a way to travel into an alternate dimension?

The panelists during NYCC also shared that they would deal with the alternate universes a lot more throughout season 3. With the use of the plural, does this mean that there are other dimensions for different aspects of the world? Will we see a world where World War II never happened, for example?

“Man in the High Castle” Season 3 will return sometime in 2018 to Amazon. An exact date hasn’t been given yet.