Taylor Swift made her comeback with a bang! On Wednesday, the brunette singer surprisingly made an announcement on her channel that she has a newly-developed social application for her fans called, "The Swift Life." In a report obtained US Magazine, the social app will help her fans interact with her and get updates on her life and career.

In her recent video on YouTube, the brunette singer added, “Hey guys, it’s Taylor; I’ve got something pretty awesome that we’ve been working on for a while that I wanted to share with you.”

The 27-year old singer had given her fans a first glance at the application in her video.

It showed the different functionalities of the application, as well as the perks it could give to its users.

Connect with Taylor

In the clip where Swift made her announcement, it was revealed that users of the social application are given the chance to connect with her personally and to interact with other fans in the world. Apart from that, "The Swift Life" application is reportedly giving the fans her personal updates that will include her newest pictures and videos from time to time.

According to US Magazine, fans are not only given the chance to get updates from the singer; but Swift can also see, like, and write comments on their posts. While these application functions left fans in awe, it was also revealed that the brunette singer is also giving her fans some "Taylor stuffs" like exclusive emojis, pictures, and more.

Access to Swift's songs

"The Swift Life" is more than just a social app, as it also gives her fans direct access to all her songs.

US Magazine learned that Swift's music will be updated on a weekly basis which will give fans a chance to listen to her songs in the music section.

As she concluded her video, the brunette singer believed that her fans will surely like her upcoming social application. "The Swift Life" is her latest venture following the release of her first single, "Look What You Made Me Do," on her album, "Reputation." A week later, the 27-year old singer left her fans in surprised when she released another track, "Ready for It?"

It was not the first time that Swift has treated her fans.

However, her upcoming social app is something that her avid followers will look forward to. It was revealed that the application will be officially launched in the latter part of this year. While it remains unknown in which month it will drop, Swift's social app is definitely worth waiting for.