Angelina Jolie, the 42-year old actress, is the face of the Harper's Bazaar Magazine. Jolie was looking fierce as she posed together with cheetahs, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Collector's Edition issue. The photo shoot reportedly took place at the N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia. In a report obtained by Entertainment Tonight, it was learned that it is an organization that is run by Jolie's friends, Marlice and Rudie.

While the Hollywood actress stunned fans with her recent photos, another report revealed that inside the latest magazine issue, Jolie opened up about her real connection with Namibia.

She and her daughter have worked closely with the wildlife sanctuary since 2006.

Balance between human and environment

In a short statement by Jolie, she revealed that Namibia doesn't only represent ties between her friends and family, but she considered the organization to be a huge effort that helps to create the balance between humans and the environment.

Jolie is reportedly working closely with organizations for environment and women's rights. Perhaps that is why she found herself attached to the organization's mission. In her statement, she added, "Women’s education and health are the first things to suffer," as she referred to the kind of effort that Namibia is focused on.

Taking a stand being a woman

In previous reports, Jolie made headlines when she spoke against Harvey Weinstein, following his alleged sexual harassment. According to the Hollywood actress, life has taught her lots of lessons that include standing for what you believe in.

She added that taking a stand, especially being a woman, is an act that defines a person.

Meanwhile, when asked about her recent photos, Jolie emphasized that those cheetahs on the cover are not merely pets, but are wild animals that should be preserved. She continued by saying that these animals continued to inspire her to help create a balance in the preservation of the environment.

For Jolie, being on the cover of Harper's Bazaar is more than just a photo shoot. In a report obtained by E! News, it was revealed that the actress had become particularly interested in the cause and mission that the magazine is working towards.

For her, fashion is a prominent factor which encourages everyone to demand clothes, jewelry, and other fashion items. Sometimes the demand is from wild animals. The actress hopes that through this magazine, people will understand that those wild animals belong in the wild and not in the fashion industry.