On Wednesday, the "Taylor Swift vs. ex-DJ David Mueller" trial move through the second day of bringing witnesses to provide a testimony regarding the alleged groping of Taylor Swift by a DJ the night before her concert. According to the 27-year old artist, Mueller slipped his hand under her dress and touched her butt as they posed, along with the DJ's girlfriend during the picture-taking session. Taylor's mother, Andrea Swift took the witness stand saying that David Mueller had touched her daughter inappropriately. According to her, this was not the first time this groping incident happened to her daughter.

Andrea said her daughter had been previously groped during a photo shoot before a concert four years ago.

Mueller said 'I am innocent and did nothing inappropriate'

David Mueller sued the "Shake it off" singer claiming that the singer falsely accused him of groping. According to him, the incident caused him to get fired from his job. According to the report released by CNN, Mueller's suit seeks lost earnings and asks a nearly $3 million as a fair compensation for what happened. As one of the managers of Taylor, Andrea Swift said that she and her co-managers have nothing to do with him being fired. Andrea admitted that Taylor's management team contacted Mueller employer KYGO after the incident but said they did not ask KYGO to dismiss the DJ.

The 55-year old DJ took his stand in front of jury denying all the allegations that he touched Taylor inappropriately. He said that the incident might have happened when he tried to jump into a photo with her in during picture taking.

In contrary to what the DJ's statement, Taylor insisted that he is guilty. "I have never been so sure of anything in my life, "It was not an accident, it was completely intentional," Taylor said.

The singer-composer, who has 102 million Instagram and 85 million Twitter followers has said she wants this case to serve as an example to all women "who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts."

Andrea Swift said 'I do not want this incident to define her life.'

"I was very upset when my daughter told me she was sexually assaulted, I felt like I wanted to vomit," Andrea Swift said when she was asked to recall her reaction after she knew that her daughter had been groped before her concert in Denver.

When she was asked if she has sought for any witnesses regarding the groping incident, Andrea said she has no reason not to believe her daughter. "Mueller inappropriately touched my daughter, right there, that guy," as she pointed her finger to Mueller who was seated less than twenty feet away.

The eight-member U.S. District Court jury is now weighing both claims in a single trial.