The world is certainly looking forward to "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" so they can find out what happens to Rey and her training. However, the girl from Jakku is not the only one whose storyline will be getting major developments. Some believe that Kylo Ren might end up leaving the First Order in "Episode 8." Interestingly, the decision will possibly be caused by some conflict with General Armitage Hux.

Domhnall Gleeson's character only appeared briefly in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" but General Hux certainly left the impression that he wasn't a big fan of Kylo Ren.

Is it possible that the First Order officer will find a way to make Kylo abandon Supreme Leader Snoke in "Star Wars 8?"

The problem with Kylo and General Hux

It wasn't clear why Hux disapproved of Kylo in "Episode 7" but most fans believe the General thinks Snoke's apprentice might be too volatile to be an effective member of the First Order. There are no details yet about his appearance in the sequel. However, there are speculations that Hux will play a larger role in "The Last Jedi," perhaps as the reason why Kylo decides to turn his back on his evil mentor and hopefully reunite with Luke Skywalker.

But how exactly will Hux convince the former Ben Solo to leave Snoke? Although the details are uncertain, the General might be planning to enlist his old ally Captain Phasma for the task.

After all, the two have previously worked together to kill Hux's father, as reported by io9. Either way, there is a huge possibility that Kylo will end up facing Rey once again in "Star Wars 8."

Rey might become Snoke's new apprentice?

There are speculations that Supreme Leader Snoke is hoping to recruit Rey to the First Order after realizing the girl's potential.

Unfortunately, this could mean the villain is no longer interested in Kylo Ren and will immediately halt his training. The decision might push Kylo to leave Snoke and return to his uncle for guidance.

Fans have long theorized that Kylo will revert back to being Ben Solo and become a Jedi once again while Rey succumbs to the Dark Side.

The two are then expected to fight each other in "Star Wars 9." However, the latest trailer for "The Last Jedi" seems to suggest that Kylo and Rey will be teaming up instead. There is a possibility that they will unite to take on Snoke and ultimately save the galaxy together.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is directed by Rian Johnson. The sequel is scheduled for worldwide release on December 15.