Although there are many theories that may come true in season 8 of "Game of Thrones," the latest casting announcement may debunk a fan theory about who will return for the final season of the show. In the season 7 finale, Cersei agreed to unite with Daenerys and Jon Snow in order to defeat the White Walkers because they presented the bigger threat.

Later she revealed to a distressed Jaime that she planned instead to use this opportunity to her advantage, thanks to The Golden Company. The importance of the Golden Company is that it is a 10,000 man mercenary group that is may have been led by a former lover of Daenerys, Daario Naharis.

He is portrayed by Michael Huisman.

The fan theory

The Independent reported on a popular fan theory that had been floating around about the Golden Company and Daario Naharis. The fan theorized that Cersei would hire The Golden Company to build up her army in order to defeat Daenerys. What this would mean is that the former lover of Daenerys, Daario Naharis, might return in order to lead The Golden Company. Fans also theorized after the end of season 7 that he was the head of The Golden Company as well. That meant that actor Michael Huisman might return to portray Daario Naharis. However, the latest cast announcement said that the new character would be Harry Strickland, portrayed by German actor Marc Rissman.

For fans of the book, this is the mysterious leader of The Golden Company. So instead of seeing the return of Daario Naharis, fans will see Harry Strickland. Will he be the one to lead The Golden Company in the show?

What does this mean for the storyline?

GamesRadar reported that fans would see Marc Rissman in the role of Harry Strickland.

As previously mentioned, Strickland is the leader of The Golden Company in the book. Daario was actually a member of that group until he decided to team up with Daenerys. Some fans believed that Daario would return to betray Daenerys after she left him behind at the end of season 6. With this casting change, Daario won't be back to team up with Cersei and betray Daenerys.

It still doesn't mean that Daario won't return or in what capacity.

Vanity Fair reported that HBO has gone to extreme lengths to keep the final season of "Game of Thrones" under wraps. The one thing the show hasn't been able to keep under wraps is casting because of calls for the various parts. The casting call went out for a managed 35-50 to play a mercenary. Rissman got the part, and if fans remember the Harry Strickland of the books, he was a portly, balding, and cowardly man, quite a difference from the tall and handsome Rissman. This isn't the first time though that HBO has cast someone that was different from the character in the books. In the meantime, fans can review some of the top-rated episodes of the series and relive some of its greatest moments.