Ed Sheeran has been in the news a lot recently. The singer was involved in a minor accident which caused him to cancel his upcoming tours. While recovering Sheeran has decided to reveal his problems with being tempted by drugs in the Entertainment Industry. He spoke candidly about the struggles that come with being famous and revealed the real reasons behind is a yearlong break from the music industry.

The star was thrown into fame

According to the Mirror, Ed Sheeran has opened up about his struggles with fame. The singer's career skyrocketed when he was signed t a record label and Sheeran has been getting more famous ever since.

Ed Sheeran has recently revealed that he did not have the time he needed to adjust to his new life of fame.

The singer explained that the transition was very difficult for him and lead to him dealing with many problems. In a report by Billboard, Sheeran has revealed that one of these problems was Substance Abuse. While the singer admitted he has never fallen into the pitfall that substance abuse in the entertainment industry, he has confirmed that there was a time when he was tempted.

This was the reason for his break

According to Billboard Ed Sheeran's encounters with substance abuse s what led to his year-long break in. He stated that substance abuse was not the only problem he was encountering.

Sheeran knew he needed to take a break from the worlds he was surrounded by spent a year traveling and getting back to the normal ways of life.

In a report by the Mirror, Sheeran stated that his problems first began due to the excessive partying that comes with the lifestyle of being on tour. He claimed that he knew he needed to make changes when his family and friend were concerned about him.

The singer stated that he did not realize what was happening at the time and is very grateful for the intervention he received.

The singer has confirmed that when he was drinking all the time he was not able to work on his music. He claimed that he could no longer write songs to the standard that was desired. He now focuses completely on his work and he is able to keep himself by doing this.

The singer has moved in with his longtime girlfriend and has claimed that she is a huge help in keeping himself grounded.

Fans were shocked to hear that Ed Sheeran nearly fell into substance abuse but are glad that the singer took the time he needed to get his life back on track. Sheeran is speaking up in the wake of the shocking news surrounding the entertainment industry.