The first season finale of "Riverdale" left much to be answered — questions that viewers are likely to get answers to, albeit likely only little by little, in the long-awaited "Riverdale" Season 2. The final scene in the last episode of "Riverdale" for Season 1 showed Archie's dad, Fred Andrews, being shot by a masked gunman, who, at first, seemed as though his true intention was to simply to rob Pop’s.

The gunman’s true intentions

The armed robber first stormed the diner looking for a safe in an apparent attempt to steal cash while Archie was in the men’s room.

Things escalated pretty quickly, however, when the younger Andrews emerged from the hidden spot where he stopped after realizing what was happening, which was shortly after he got out of the men's room.

Perceiving that there was someone else in the diner apart from Fred and Pop, the robber immediately turned his attention to the older Andrews. Fred was pleading for calm as he nervously told Archie not to do anything.

Single shot fired

Despite the fact that Fred seemed willing to cooperate with the gunman, who, at this time, was asking for his wallet, the robber fired a single shot — just as Archie surged forward in an apparent attempt to shield his father from the bullet. Fred was seen sprawled on the floor of Pop’s during the last scene of the show's previous season, where he was bleeding profusely and seemed motionless.

The episode left viewers not only wondering whether the robbery was done in an attempt to hide a more sinister intent of killing Fred Andrews, it also left a cloud of uncertainty over whether or not Archie’s old man would actually live to see "Riverdale" Season 2. The answers to these mysteries, unfortunately, won't be available until "Riverdale" Season 2 premieres, the date of which is still not certain at the moment — though rumors suggest it could be anytime between Fall of this year to January of next year.

The show's long-awaited second season is expected to unravel several changes in the lives of the Riverdale's lead characters — including Betty Cooper, whose brother is believed to be among the new characters to be introduced in the show's upcoming episodes. Betty's brother will supposedly play an important role in the show, as many more bizarre mysteries surrounding Riverdale's seemingly normal families are set to be revealed in the show's upcoming episodes. Like Betty, her beau, Jughead, will also his world turned upside down in the show's forthcoming season.