The Gifted” Season 1, episode 1 was aired on FOX last October 2, and it received an outstanding response from the viewers. The series exists in an alternate timeline and surprisingly, it is not trying too hard to follow the footsteps of “X-Men.”

According to Screen Rant, “The Gifted” was created by Matt Nix, an American writer best known for his work in “Burn Notice.” The story focuses on the life of Strucker family, who are seeking help from Mutant Underground for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that the Strucker couple discovered their children are mutants.

What is ‘The Gifted’ all about?

The pilot episode started off with bada** dad, Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer). Collider described him as a man of high position and a mutant prosecutor. However, he obtained a different perspective when he found out that his son and daughter are both mutants. Their eldest daughter, Lauren Strucker (Natalie Alyn Lind), managed to hide this truth from her parents for years.

Her father’s profession forced her to use the mutant abilities she possessed in secret. Unfortunately, things got out of control when her younger brother accidentally 'earthquaked' the entire school. Andy Strucker (Percy Hynes White) was bullied and his shouting and rage could definitely cause destruction if it is uncontrolled.

As expected, their mother Caitlin Strucker (Amy Acker) instantly informed Reed and now their family is on the run. Reed asked help from Marcos Diaz (Sean Teale) of the Mutant Underground. Viewers witnessed how Diaz’s girlfriend, Lorna Dane (Emma Dumont), was caught by the Sentinel Services during episode one’s first scene. Prosecutor Reed promised to give some information about Dane in exchange for taking his family to their hideout.

Episode one ended with Reed being separated from his family while the Sentinels chased them. His deal with Diaz has, unfortunately, been leaked. Viewers will soon find out Reed and Lorna Dane’s future as they live their lives away from their families.

Mutant Underground

Screen Rant pointed out that “The Gifted” featured a new set of mutants that have not appeared in “X-Men” films.

The closest link between these two is Lorna Dane, who is reportedly acknowledged as Magneto’s daughter. She may not be as dangerous as her father, but Dane is scary enough to be held in a prison made of plastic. Meanwhile, the FOX series seems to suggest that she pioneered the Mutant Ground.

The secret group helps mutants to escape from the government. They are certainly the other half of the show’s plot. “The Gifted” episode two is expected to address more issues and origins of each mysterious mutant.