The Black Hood has been instilling fear in Riverdale since the day Fred Andrews was shot at Pop’s, and Archie Andrews has been sleepless ever since. But the small town’s masked criminal might be closer to him than anyone would think. WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

The little details

While the rest of Riverdale generally seemed unbothered by the string of criminal incidents happening in the small town, Archie and his Riverdale High friends decided something needed to be done. Acting against his father’s wishes, Archie formed the “Red Group”, the members of which are mostly his teammates at Riverdale High’s football team.

The “Red Group” has had little luck trying to get to The Black Hood so far, but things might soon be bound to change.

The Coopers

The mystery surrounding The Black Hood didn’t really seem clear at first — with everyone except Archie dismissing the idea that the unusual criminal incidents in Riverdale and in a nearby town were connected in any way. Fred Andrews’ shooting and Miss Grundy’s death seemed like separate, unrelated incidents — both to Riverdale’s law enforcement and Archie’s family and friends — but it turns out Archie was right all along. The criminal who calls himself The Black Hood has just revealed the crimes’ connection to the Coopers himself. But why the Coopers?

Family connection

While it might at first seem that the Coopers’ connection to Riverdale’s leading news publication, The Register, is likely the reason that The Black Hood has chosen to tell them of his intention — there seems to be something more sinister to this decision. The masked criminal claims that the havoc that he has been wreaking in the small town had something to do with the victims’ personal misdeeds, leaving the impression that anyone could be a victim.

But is The Black Hood really telling the truth?

New character

Prior to the start of show’s second season, talks of a new character to be introduced in the CW hit has gotten many fans excited. The mystery-crime-teenage drama has gotten fans eagerly anticipating the premiere of “Riverdale” Season 2 for months, hoping to catch a glimpse of the show’s mystery dramatis personae — only to be disappointed three episodes into the season.

Where is the show’s mysterious new character? Where is the brother of Betty Cooper?

Green eyes

The show’s previous season revealed that Betty has an older brother, who she believes is in his 20s — probably with blond hair, probably with green eyes. But he seems to have been nowhere to be found in the show. So far, the only new major character in Riverdale is The Black Hood, whose appearance has been completely hidden, with only one distinguishing feature exposed — his green eyes.