Annalise seeks Connor’s help in the latest “How to Get Away With MurderSeason 4 episode. Will Connor be willing to help her? After multiple incidents of crimes and subsequent cover-ups, Connor started to appear as the weakest link in Annalise's Keating 5. Among all the other members of their group, Connor seemed to have been traumatized the most.

Hardest hit

While at first, he seemed successful at putting on a façade, it was only a matter of time until Connor’s real state of emotions started to surface. His supposed indifference quickly turned into depression, and his life began to spiral downwards.

Among those involved in the slew of traumatic criminal incidents and coverups, Connor seemed like he was the one hit the hardest.


As he struggled to move on from the series of unfortunate events leading to Wes’ death, Connor seemed to have lost all interest in pursuing law — or his future. Shortly after arbitrarily deciding to drop out of law school, Connor didn't seem to have anything planned out at all. Recent events in the latest episode of “How to Get Away With Murder” Season 4 indicate that this might be about to change, however.

Helping Annalise

Connor's disinterest in life might soon fade as he seemed to have found help from an unlikely source: Annalise. Though still raging with hate towards his former criminal law professor, Connor seemed to have found a middle ground with her — a quest to help those who can not help themselves.

Annalise’s class action suit against the State of Pennsylvania has just been dealt a significant setback when Connor walked in, and the asked him to step in.

More drama

Connor might be inclined to get on board with Annalise in her fight against the state’s justice system, but there's also a possibility that the latter's never-ending personal drama might get in the way.

It's not unlikely for Annalise's personal problems to take its toll on her working relationships — as was the case in the past, which Connor has so unwillingly witnessed time and again. The show's next episode, “Stay Strong, Mama,” is expected to touch on Annalise's personal drama once more, and these events may or may not affect Connor’s decision to help her.

But will Connor set aside his feelings to help Annalise? And will helping her reignite his interest in pursuing law? The upcoming episodes of “How to Get Away With Murder” Season 4 seem to hold the answer to these questions.