"How to Get Away With Murder" Season 4 has just premiered its first episode, and already things are looking like they're about to blow up sometime real soon. Warning - spoilers ahead.

Laurel seemed to have been beyond convinced that the Mahoneys had everything to do with Wes’s death during the show's previous season. This is no longer the case and it appears she has now already figured out for herself that the real perpetrator of her late lover's murder is her father, Jorge Castillo.

A scene from last week's "How to Get Away With Murder" Season 4 episode, showed the grieving law student lying to her dad’s face — confessing she was pregnant, and saying she had her unborn child aborted.

It was later on revealed that Laurel did not get an abortion.

What's Laurel’s plan?

In the same episode, Laurel was seen typing a text message where she flat-out asked her father why he killed Wes — but changed her mind at the last minute and erased the message instead. How she concluded that her dad had something to do with Wes’s death is yet to be revealed.

And while Laurel appears to be convinced that her father had something to do with the death of her lover, it is yet to be uncovered whether or not she has a direct knowledge of his hand in Wes's death — or if she is, in fact, simply making a wild guess. The answer is expected to be revealed in the upcoming episodes of "How to Get Away With Murder" Season 4.

Meanwhile, it looks like "HTGAWM" main character Annalise Keating is ready to take the backseat. Her now-former students take the spotlight in their struggle to move past the life-altering situations that the embattled law professor previously dragged them into.

Moving on

Shortly after Annalise decided to let them go, Michaela and Asher, both decided to start drawing up their resumes and start looking for new firms that may take them in.

In the meantime, Connor and Oliver seem inclined to use the opportunity to start over Once More.

Bonnie, on the other hand, was seen going to an appointment with the District Attorney. While Bonnie's visit to the DA may or may not mean anything sinister — after all, she could be there for the sole purpose of finding a new job after Annalise decided to cut her off, too — it looks like this incident will likely trigger some form of communication between Nate Lahey and Annalise once more. The show's upcoming episodes, however, are more likely to focus on Laurel's drama, rather than Annalise's.