Marcus Pierce may not be who he seems. Tom Welling, who plays the character in “LuciferSeason 3, hints that the lieutenant may have a secret identity. He specifically mentions that Marcus is an important figure in history. Marcus has the characteristics of a strict lieutenant. He is a no-nonsense guy who is committed to his job. He represents a lot of truth and justice, which draws Detective Chloe Decker to him.

Likewise, the lieutenant is charismatic and charming. He may come off as arrogant at first because he is the “calling-it-like-it-is” type of guy.

As Welling says in the video below, his character is a jerk. This we saw in the premiere of “Lucifer” Season 3 during his initial meeting with the staff at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and with Chloe, Lucifer, and Dan.

However, the lieutenant may be harboring a secret. Tom Welling hints that there is more to Marcus than meets the eye. He may have a secret identity. In an interview with DC All Access, the actor mentions that Marcus is “a pretty important figure in history.” Welling adds that his character has a larger agenda and that it ties to the mysterious tattoo on his arm. Viewers will know this agenda as Season 3 progresses.

Marcus is a figure in Jesus’ time

There are speculations that the newcomer at the LAPD is not human since his arrival interestingly coincides with the return of Lucifer’s wings.

However, showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have since confirmed that Marcus is very much human. Although, Welling’s revelation that Marcus is a historical figure hint that he may have lived longer than Lucifer Morningstar. According to Bleeding Cool, his surname may be indicative of his real identity. Marcus could be the Roman soldier Longinus, who pierced Jesus in his side with the “Holy Lance” during his crucifixion.

The Sinnerman and Marcus

Interestingly, Marcus knows the Sinnerman. He has ties to the depraved criminal mastermind who ordered Lucifer’s kidnapping. The details of their connection are unknown, although it must have to do with his work as a lieutenant. Regardless, the Sinnerman does not seem like your ordinary criminal. After all, he removed Lucifer’s demon face and returned his wings.

Perhaps he and Marcus know each other way back in history.

The lieutenant’s familiarity with the Sinnerman brings an unlikely partnership with Lucifer. They work together to track him down in “Lucifer” Season 3.