Fox has released a new trailer for “Luciferseason 3 ahead of its release on Oct. 2. The preview gives fans a better look at Tom Welling as Lieutenant Marcus Pierce. Welling’s character comes off as arrogant and aloof and gives a bad impression when he first meets Chloe, Lucifer and Dan.

Who is Marcus Pierce?

Marcus is a newcomer to the Los Angeles Police Department. He is a no-nonsense, calling-it-like-it-is-guy, according to showrunner Joe Henderson. He is not into social norms so he comes out aloof and guarded. This is why his initial meeting with the staff at the department does not go so well.

We can see from the trailer below that his introduction is brief and somewhat unfriendly. His demeanor especially rubs off the wrong people—namely Detective Chloe Decker and Lucifer.

Season 3 trailer

In the preview, he approaches Lucifer and tells him that he does not find him reckless. To the devil, this sounds as a compliment but of course, Marcus did not mean for it to be. He also meets Chloe (Lauren German) and as what Henderson previously said, their first encounter does not go so well. He rubs her the wrong way. Tom Welling, who plays the lieutenant, says that Marcus is “definitely gonna antagonize” Lucifer and Chloe. He also has a negative effect on the detective. Marcus rattles her and puts her on edge.

Marcus becomes Lucifer’s competition over Chloe

It seems Marcus does not trust Lucifer. In the trailer, he asks Dan to get all the intel he can on him. Perhaps this has something to do with Chloe. In “Lucifer” Season 3, he and the detective eventually become close because they share the same ideals. They are both committed to their job and Marcus represents a lot of the things that draw Chloe to the side of the law.

He represents a lot of truth and justice, not to mention that he is also charming and charismatic.

This side to the lieutenant draws Chloe to him, which Lucifer finds unnerving. After all, he believes that he and the detective share a special bond. So when someone new comes along and threatens to break this bond, Lucifer becomes jealous.

it would be interesting to see this side of the devil for a change since we already saw how Chloe is when she is jealous. Tom Ellis, who plays the title character, said that Marcus Pierce brings out the worst in the devil. According to TV Line, Lucifer becomes more devilish than ever. Lucifer also finds Marcus as competition when it comes to the sexual front. Suffice to say that they may not be on friendly terms in Season 3.