Kailyn Lowry graduated from the University of Delaware earlier this year and she questioned whether she would be able to finish her education with the stress she was going through. Lowry has revealed that she struggled to go to class and she had a rough time finishing up her homework, as she was pregnant with her third child while caring for her two older sons. As fans saw on "Teen Mom 2," Lowry kept trying to get her estranged husband to work with her, but he wasn't always helping out as she wanted. This "Teen Mom" star wanted Marroquin to pick up the boys on a tight schedule and when that didn't work out, she would bring her sons to class with her.

While fans thought she was a bit rude to her ex-husband, Lowry is now revealing that she's doing everything to finish her school

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry admits that her schooling was hard. On last night's episode of "Teen Mom 2," fans saw how she graduated school. Her sons were in the audience to support her and she was excited that she could finally call herself a college graduate.

Admits it wasn't always easy

Of course, on "Teen Mom 2," Lowry has revealed that it wasn't always easy to do the homework and get to class. She admits that it was hard work, especially in the end when she was pregnant.

But she also gives some encouraging advice.

Kailyn revealed that college is hard but if people want to get a degree, they will find a way to make it work. They will stay up late to do homework, they will bring their children to class, and they will make sacrifices to get the work done.

She gave up on her marriage

On Twitter, Kailyn Lowry also revealed that she never gave up which is why she could get the degree done.

In her tweet, she didn't write about giving up in relation to her school, but just about how she never gives up at all. However, fans would disagree with her, as she was the one who pulled the plug on her marriage to Javi. She got the divorce papers ready for him to sign as he returned back from serving overseas in the Air Force.

It appears that while he wanted to work on their issues and move forward, Kailyn was done with her marriage and she wanted her independence rather fast. It was later revealed that she had slept with his best friend while they were divorcing.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry's tweet about working hard to get her college degree? Do you agree with her that her college wasn't always easy and that she only got through because she didn't give up?