Candy Morningstar returns in another stand-alone episode of “Lucifer” in season 3. It is not a happy reunion for Lucifer and his ex-fake-wife though, since Candy is in trouble and the devil must return to Las Vegas to find her. However, before we delve into other details about Candy's return in season 3, let us first do a little recap on the character.

Candy first appeared in season 2 episode 14 aptly titled “Candy Morningstar.” It was in this episode that the devil returned to Los Angeles after two weeks spent in Las Vegas to unwind and escape Chloe and his family.

There he met an exotic dancer named Candy. Lucifer propositioned her to pose as his wife. In exchange, Lucifer paid for her freedom as a dancer.

Lucifer took her back with him to Los Angeles and introduced her as his wife, much to the surprise of Chloe, Amenadiel and his mom. Part of the deal was for Candy to get close to Charlotte so Lucifer would know what her plans were. In the end, Candy did a good job at convincing everyone that she is Lucifer's wife. Even Chloe believed her. She parted ways with the devil at the end of the episode and was never mentioned again in succeeding episodes.

Season 3 appearance

As it turns out, Candy Morningstar was supposed to appear in season 2 episode 22, which deals with her disappearance.

Unfortunately, the season was cut down to 18 episodes and the remaining four moved to season 3 as stand-alone episodes. This means Candy appears in the second stand-alone episode (the first was “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith”) that airs on November 6.

What happens to Candy?

According to Cartermatt, in this episode titled “Vegas With Some Radish,” Lucifer discovers that Candy Morningstar has gone missing.

He immediately goes to Las Vegas with Ella in tow. They work together to find her. However, secrets revealed along the way threaten to compromise their investigation. Elsewhere, Chloe Decker is upset that Lucifer hightails out of Los Angeles on her birthday, so Dr. Linda tries to cheer her up.

Fox has yet to release a preview for this episode, although the trailer for "Lucifer" season 3, released during the San Diego Comic-Con, gave a look at some of its scenes.

Dr. Linda cheers Chloe with drinks at Lucifer’s club. The detective ends up sleeping over at Lux and Lucifer wakes her up with a gift. There are also scenes of Lucifer and Ella enjoying their time in Las Vegas with card games and some singing and dancing.