Counting On” aired the season finale last night. Joseph Duggar's wedding was the ending, something that fans had been dying to see. It has been several years since a Duggar boy took a bride. Fans have enjoyed seeing the girls married off, but this marriage was one that was of high interest. The awkwardness of Joseph was apparent, but it seems like the happy couple will lead a good life together.

Rumors about the show

According to the Hollywood Gossip, “Counting On” could be on the verge of cancellation. The number of viewers has continued to drop over the last several episodes.

It is unclear if it was the timing of the season or if it was because the Duggar family is no longer relevant. Unfortunately, there is no way to gauge the viewers and their interest. TLC will have to either cancel the show or do another season to find out what the numbers would be in terms of viewers. With Joy-Anna Duggar expecting her first child, another season is definitely doable.

The Duggar family has been through a lot over the last two years. Josh Duggar caused “19 Kids and Counting” to get canceled leading to the idea of “Counting On.” It was initially called “Jill & Jessa: Counting On,” but later was changed as the other sisters and brothers became more a part of the show. Now, it could be costing the network too much money.

With Joy-Anna Duggar being the only one with big news right now, the network could hesitate to do a whole new season.

What's next for the Duggar family?

Right now, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are in the newlywed stages. At some point, babies are expected. They have talked about children, so fans are assuming it may be soon.

Joy-Anna is expecting her first child with Austin Forsyth. Her pregnancy has been plagued with rumors of premarital relations. She likely got pregnant on her honeymoon, which is not surprising at all. Jana is rumored to be courting. There is a lot going on with a family this big, but maybe not enough to bring another season back.

The next few weeks will be telling about whether or not “Counting On” will be picked back up by the TLC network. There is a good chance it will be back because of the season finale label, but that isn't always the case. That could be changed down the road, but leaving it open gives the network time to weigh their options. When they canceled “19 Kids and Counting,” there was an uproar. Something similar will likely happen should “Counting On” disappear from the lineup.