The past seasons of “The Flash” introduced viewers to three versions of Harrison Wells—the villain Harry who is actually the Reverse Flash, Earth 2 Harry and H.R. from Earth 19. The existence of the multiverse allows the show to bring out as many versions of the character as possible, so fans expected to see another one in Season 4. However, the installment brought back Earth 2 Wells for a couple of reasons, according to executive producer Todd Helbing.

Harrison’s relationships

In a phone interview with Collider, Helbing revealed his reasons for bringing back Earth 2 Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) to Season 4.

He wants to expound on the character’s interpersonal skills and relationship with his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs, particularly with Cisco (Carlos Valdes). He said that their dynamic has become one his favorite relationships on the show, because of its attractiveness. He described their relationship as “fueled with annoyance on both sides,” so it actually becomes a form of entertainment. It also leaves room for exploration.

The executive producer said that season 4 of “The Flash” explores Harrison Wells as a person. “We felt like there was still more story to tell with Harry, and that we could take him on a great emotional journey, this year, where maybe Harry needs to work on his interpersonal skills, a little bit,” Helbing added.

Emotional journey

Helbing further teased that Harrison goes through an emotional journey as the season progresses. He said that there is a special reason why he returns to Earth 1. When we last saw the scientist at the end of season 3, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) requested that he stay on Earth 1 to help his friends in his absence.

However, the season did not reveal why he returned in the first place, and this is what the installment explores.

Season 4 of “The Flash” puts Harrison on a fairly emotional journey as he struggles to find his purpose. With his daughter Jesse out being a superhero, he begins to contemplate about life and realizes that he does not have a life.

Season 4 of the series is more on Harrison trying to find his place and learning to become a better and more complete person.

Other Harrison Wells

Regardless, Earth 2 Harrison Wells is not the only Harry fans will see in “The Flash” Season 4. Another version comes along, although from which Earth remains a mystery. Perhaps any of the three Harrison Wells previewed in Season 3---steampunk Harry, cowboy Harry and a French mime Harry, appears in Season 4.