The Monday episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live! was an eventful one with two special guests accompanying George Clooney and Matt Damon. Yes, the “Suburbicon” director agreed to debut his twins, Ella and Alexander on television for the first time, but the show took a hilarious turn as Matt Demon took advantage of the situation to trick the host and the audiences.

Matt Demon becomes a ‘Manny’

Ever since their birth in June 2017, the entire world has been waiting eagerly to have a glance at the gorgeous twins of George and Amal Clooney, and Jimmy Kimmel too was no exception.

According to People, the moment Clooney said, that the kids were right inside the studio, he nearly jumped at the chance. As the giant screen popped up, Matt Damon walked in with a double stroller and a huge diaper bag over his shoulder.

Being astounded by the sudden appearance of Damon, Jimmy said that the audiences were cheering for the babies and not Damon and asked,“Who let him in here?” The “Suburbicon” star then conveniently replied “I’m his manny. It’s a nanny who’s a man,” revealed Hollywood Reporter. This was followed by a clever war of words. As Jimmy responded to the insult by dismissing his manhood, Damon snapped “That’s what your wife said.” george clooney, however, was silently enjoying every bit of the fun by laughing out to his heart's content.

The prankster and the prank:

It was too good to be true as the 47-year-old actor had an infallible plan of crashing the late night show, with the aid of Clooney. As Damon went in to pick up the infants, he skilfully lifted the pink and blue blankets and threw them to the ground revealing his middle finger pointed towards the host.

Damon further added, “Here they are. This is screw, and this is you,” before he was dragged off by security.

George Clooney talks about the twins

Even though the program took a hilarious turn with Matt Damon’s funny cameo, the 56-year-old father also spilled some secrets about the twins and his overwhelming experience of fatherhood.

He said that he no longer changes the diapers of the infants because their poop has advanced to the foul stage. In fact, he also revealed that the kids have been introduced to solid foods on Friday. The prankster also added, “How that goes in as a carrot and how that comes out the way it comes out is shocking.”

It seems that Clooney might actually need a nanny until the “Suburbicon” director gets used to recent changes in diaper content!