Jana Duggar is one of the most interesting members of the "19 Kids and Counting" clan. She is pretty, good at cooking, skilled in looking after the kids, and is a great substitute in taking over the Duggar home when her mom, Michelle Duggar is not around. That is why many are wondering why she is still single when she has the face and the skills. Jana is a wife material in every way, but four of her younger sisters have already walked down the aisle before her.

If you want to know more about Jana here are some interesting things about her that you would surely love to know.

Who is Jana Duggar?

Jana and John-David are fraternal twins. Yes, you read it right, Jana has a twin. The pair was born after Josh Duggar. Thus, Jana is the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle, but Josh is the eldest son, not John.

Jana is rumored to be a lesbian. Since Jana remains single for the longest time, there are speculations that she's a lesbian. A source claimed that she enjoys the company of women more than men. However, this remains a rumor as there is no confirmation that she prefers women over men.

She has been linked to some popular and good looking men. Jana is one of the prettiest faces in the Duggar family, and she is very easy to love. Just recently she was linked to two men, Caleb Williams and Jacob Wilson.

However, prior to these two gentlemen, Jana was linked to former NFL player Tim Tebow, "Bringing Up Bates" star Lawson Bates and Jonathan Hartono.

Hartono denied he was courting Jana. Just recently, Jacob also cleared the rumors romantically linking him to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's daughter. According to him, they have been friends for two decades already and are not courting.

She has the potential to be a TV host. In one episode of "Counting On," Jana showed off her hosting skills when she interviewed her brother Joe and sister-in-law Kendra. Jana is very natural as a host.

Jana and Josh remain close. Josh Duggar cost the family their long-time running reality show “19 Kids and Counting” on TLC.

A number of fans have slammed Josh due to the molestation scandal involving four of his younger sisters. However, Jana remains by his side. In fact, Jana reportedly helped him take care of his kids and wife Anna, when the latter was still pregnant.

Jana’s other interests and hobbies

There are lots of things about Jana that you will surely love. She’s also good at gardening. In fact, just recently the Duggars shared her garden, which keeps her busy. Jana is also good at decorating their home, cooking, and managing the kids. In a recent photo, Jill’s son Israel and Jessa’s little one Spurgeon were in the garden with Jana.

Due to Jana’s multiple skills, some fans are hoping that she would get her own TV series where she can share all her knowledge. Most importantly, “Counting On” fans are looking forward to seeing her find the right man for her.