Jenelle Evans and ex Nathan Griffin's bad blood towards each other was visible over the weekend when the exes got into a nasty fight while filming the reunion special for "Teen Mom 2." Evans and Griffin, shared a son, Kaiser. They are both in a new relationship. Jenelle is already married to David Eason. Meanwhile, Nathan is dating Ashley Lanhardt. Unfortunately, the two couldn't stop their incessant fighting.

Jenelle Evans furious after seeing her mom hugging Nathan's girlfriend

Jenelle and her mom, Barbara Evans, are not on good terms. The former lost the custody battle of her eldest son, Jace, to her mom.

She took it hard, so the mother and daughter are not on speaking terms. In fact, Jenelle didn't invite her mom to her wedding in September.

On Saturday, the cast of "Teen Mom 2" gathered together to film their reunion special. However, things went awry when Nathan's girlfriend, Ashley, walked past the room and hugged Barbara as she bid goodbye. Jenelle saw it and was furious. She burst out of the room and yelled at her mom, and stressed that it was wrong for Barbara to hug Nathan's girlfriend, The Ashley reported.

When Nathan heard it, he defended Ashley. Jenelle called David for backup and accused her ex of being out of control. One female producer stepped in between Ashley and Jenelle as the two parties continued to throw shade at each other.

Nathan accused Jenelle of being high, the latter fired back and dragged his mom, Doris, who was also present at the reunion into their dispute. Due to their verbal argument, production was shut down temporarily.

Jenelle explains the drama during the ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion

A day after the drama and conflict while filming “Teen Mom 2” reunion, Jenelle shared a clip on Instagram to address some of the issues.

The initial reports claimed that her husband pulled out a knife at the party. The mom of three downplayed it by saying that David was furious because he was denied beer. So he went outside and popped some of the balloons while leaving. Meanwhile, she admitted that she was upset after seeing her mom hug Nathan’s current girlfriend, Us Weekly reported.

For those following “Teen Mom 2,” you will probably agree that Jenelle has the most drama compared to the other cast members. In fact, just recently, she threatened MTV that she would not film again after she received a bad edit. Kailyn Lowry’s ex Javi Marroquin was not happy with her statements considering how the show provides for them financially. Javi, who does not have a good relationship with Evans, advised her to count her blessings and understand that it’s work. After all, whatever was shown on TV was real, no matter how production cuts it.

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