Jana Duggar is probably the busiest member of the Duggar family. Due to the huge chunk of household chores she does, she has been dubbed the “Cinderella Duggar.” In addition to this, she remains single and has witnessed four of her younger sisters walk down the aisle. New reports suggested that the eldest lady of the “19 Kids and Counting” clan is already courting. Two men were named as Jana Duggar’s potential suitor. However, in a recent post on Facebook, it seemed that Jana has no time for courting as she is already busy tending her garden and nephews.

Jana enjoys gardening and looking after nephews

On Saturday, the Duggar family shared a photo of Jana and her nephews on Facebook. "Jana has put so much work into her beautiful garden. We have enjoyed it all summer long!" the caption read.

The snaps featured Jana holding a pail, a farmhouse, and a photo of two tots: Jessa Duggar's son Spurgeon and Jill Duggar's Israel. It seemed that Jana is all work and no rest. One user aired her thoughts and wished that Jana would have her own TV show where she can teach the viewers all the things she is good at from cooking, gardening and home decorating. The family shared the same post on Twitter.

Meanwhile, other followers criticized Jill and Jessa for leaving their sons in Jana’s care.

Jana is good at handling kids despite being single because she has been helping her mom, Michelle Duggar, look after her siblings. Also, Jana reportedly helped her brother Josh Duggar with his kids and pregnant wife. This convinced many to believe that Jana will surely make a wise and skilled wife. This why many fans are looking forward to seeing the Cinderella Duggar court, get married and start her own family.

Jana Duggar has two rumored suitors

Last week, the "Counting On" star was rumored to be courting with a family friend named Caleb Williams. Caleb has been spotted in the recent Duggar photos, which prompted many to believe that he is courting Jana. Usually, the Duggars introduce someone through family photos before confirming that a member of the family is courting.

Shortly after Jana was linked to Caleb Williams, another round of reports suggested that the reality star has a new suitor named Jacob Wilson. More "Counting On" fans showed their support for Wilson. Wilson is a hunter, fighter, and a volunteer firefighter. He is adventurous and shares the same faith and beliefs as the Duggars.

Also, he is lean and handsome, which many believe is very fit for Jana. Jana is pretty and good wife material. Many believe that the pair would make beautiful babies if they end up together. However, Jacob has already denied the rumors linking him to Jana. According to him, they have been friends for 21-years and they are not in a relationship. He advised the readers not to believe everything they see online.

What can you say about Jana's relationship status? Will she be courting anytime soon? Drop a comment below.