George RR Martin became a household name due to the success of his novel series "A Song of Ice and Fire." The book anthology has still two more left: "The Winds Of Winter" and "A Dream of Spring." Unfortunately, it's already over six years since GRRM published his last book. Some of his fans are already slowly losing interest, while some are already furious for the long wait. However, according to his collaborator, Gardner Dozois, Martin is now focused on finishing "ASOIAF."

GRRM commits to finishing 'TWOW' and 'A Dream of Spring'

A few days back, Dozois participated in a Reddit AMA.

One fan asked him if there is a chance that they would publish new books like "Old Mars" and "Old Venus." Those sci-fi anthologies are edited by Dozois and Martin together, Winter is Coming reported.

According to Dozois, he and Martin have agreed to do another "Old Moon," or "Old Luna," however, their subsequent collaborative anthologies are put on hold as the author works on finishing his novel series.

Martin's unfinished book series is no other than "A Song Of Ice And Fire." Thus, Dozois is suggesting that the popular scribe is finally dedicating himself to finishing its remaining two books, "The Winds of Winter" and "A Dream of Spring."

In July, Martin gave an update about his anticipated books.

According to the "Game of Thrones" author, he is still working on his books but they are still months away. Although some "A Song Of Ice And Fire" fans were happy, most were not pleased with his news because Martin's "months away" could still mean years. Since 2015, there were already rumors that he would release "The Winds of Winter" but up to now, the book is still not available.

Many are afraid that once it is ready, it will take another five years or more of waiting to see its last book "A Dream of Spring"

Martin's publisher’s office did not recognize him

Back in August, the New-Mexican author announced on Twitter that he was in New York. The people who saw him would stop him for a selfie but this is not surprising given the popularity of his works.

In fact, the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series spawned a TV show on HBO titled “Game of Thrones,” which made him and his works even more popular. However, when he visited his publisher's office the security guards did not recognize him. They stopped him and demanded to see his ID.

A number of his fans felt that the long delay of “TWOW” made the guards in the publisher’s office forgot him. There are also theories that the guards were new or were not huge fans of his works that is why they didn’t know him.

Are you happy that Martin is dedicating his time to finish “ASOIAF?” When do you think will he release “The Winds of Winter” and “A Song of Ice and Fire?” Drop a comment below.