Fans of George RR Martin’s book series titled “A Song of Ice and Fire” have been waiting for its sixth book, “The Winds Of Winter” for six years already. Due to the long delay, the celebrity author trolls over his work, Time reported.

George RR Martin’s popularity did not work in his publisher's office

On Thursday, Martin shared a tweet announcing that he was in New York City. Due to the popularity of his works that inspired HBO's "Game of Thrones," a number of people approached and stopped him for selfies. Unfortunately, not everyone recognized him.

When Martin visited his publisher's office, the security guards stopped him from entering. Also, they demanded to see his ID. Martin’s post suggested that the long delay of “TWOW” made the guards in his publisher’s office forgot him.

Another probable reason could be that the security guards are new or are not sharing the fandom of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series or “Game of Thrones.” Nevertheless, Martin took the incident with a laugh and even blamed the long delay of “The Winds of Winter.”

What’s Martin’s progress on “The Winds of Winter”

Speaking of “TWOW,” Martin gave an update two week ago on his journal Not A Blog.

According to him, he is still working on “The Winds of Winter” and is still months away from releasing the book.

Unfortunately, “ASOIAF” readers know that the months could mean years. Martin admitted that he is a slow writer. Also, he has been expressing his interest in finishing the book but just couldn’t make it. In fact, he also confessed that he has problems with deadlines.

Martin is aware of the popularity of his work. He also knows that many are waiting to see the second to the last book on the bookshelves soon. Unfortunately, the wait may take longer as he is also working on another novel series. In fact, Martin is releasing “The Book of Swords” in October.

What causes the long delay of “The Winds of Winter?”

There are rumors that GRRM is caught on working with HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Aside from this, he is busy editing for some of his other novel series like “Wild Cards.” Not to mention, he has attended a number of conferences, book readings, and interviews.

Many blame Martin’s public appearances as another factor in the delay because it kept him away. The author already admitted that he can’t work on his book if he is not on his desk at home.

Whatever the reason is, Martin still owes his fans two books. Fans are hoping that it will not take another more year to see “TWOW” and another six years or more to get the last book “A Dream of Spring.”

With Martin visiting his publisher, could it be a positive indication that they will be working soon again?

Will Martin be publishing the most anticipated book soon? Well, we couldn’t say until Martin confirmed it because it is very difficult to read his moves.

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