Jenelle Evans announced that she was thinking about leaving "Teen Mom 2" behind because she felt that she wasn't being treated with respect. Jenelle was furious after MTV had edited a scene to highlight David Eason's anger while doing a photoshoot for her wedding date. She was trying to do "save the date" invitations for her friends for her wedding, but Kaiser was lashing out. He kept crying and Eason lost his cool. The "Teen Mom 2" star didn't say anything to defend her son, but she claims that the editing wasn't real. She claims she's constantly being edited in a poor way and she threatened to quit the show.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now focusing on sponsored ads. Since she has deleted her Twitter account, she can't live tweet with her fans anymore or answer questions from her followers. But Jenelle is still active on Instagram. Rather than focus on "Teen Mom 2," Evans is now focusing on making money with sponsored posts. Ever since threatening to leave "Teen Mom 2," she has been posting more sponsored posts than ever before. It's clear that she's trying to boost her income in different ways, as she could be leaving the MTV show if the network doesn't want to adhere to her feelings and her demands.

Focusing on other income streams

Jenelle Evans has been sharing weight loss products, beauty products, and even some tea products on her Instagram account.

Perhaps she chose to keep this account active, as this is a great place for her to promote products. In other words, the only reason why she kept this account could be her advertising deals. Maybe she has signed contracts that don't allow her to delete her Instagram account.

In addition to doing sponsored posts, Jenelle Evans has just written a book about her life.

Even though she's not the first "Teen Mom 2" star to write a book, fans are curious about her story. It is interesting that she would open up about her life, especially since it has been a troublesome journey for her.

Ignoring the hit show

It's also interesting that she's choosing to ignore the show on her social media accounts.

She didn't acknowledge the show yesterday, including the scene where Jace tells his mother that he doesn't want her to marry David. He later tells her that he was just kidding.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans' decision to possibly leave "Teen Mom 2" behind? Do you think she's increasing her sponsored posts on Instagram, so she can earn more money through advertisers now that MTV may not be extending a contract to her next year?