Actress Stockard Channing, 73, appeared on the U.K. television show "Lorraine" Tuesday morning looking unrecognizable. The "Grease" star, who played Pink Lady leader Betty Rizzo, shocked viewers with her disturbing new look. Channing has fallen into the same trap that many Celebrities succumb to, bad plastic surgery results. What starts off as maintenance work for many quickly turns into a long and disturbing nightmare.

Stockard Channing talks "Grease"

Channing reveals that she began her plastic surgery ventures in 2006 and from there, things went from bad to worse with medical experts warning she had "already gone too far with the Plastic Surgery Procedures."

Medical specialist claim that from studying photos it looks as if Stockard Channing has undergone many procedures including eye lifts, multiple facelift procedures, cheek and chin implants, and too many fillers.

Today the "Practical Magic" actress looks unrecognizable to her fans. Other notable celebrities who have undergone drastic plastic surgery procedures unsuccessfully include Priscilla Presley, Wayne Newton, Barry Manilow, Bruce Jenner, Kenny Rogers, and Mickey Rourke to name a few.

Crazy facts about "Grease"

During her interview, Stockard also talked about her experience in the hit musical film "Grease." It has been almost 40-years since "Grease" hit theaters and today still remains one of the most popular musical films of all times. Channing, now 73-years old, states "I am the world's oldest living teenager." She also adds that she can not believe it has been 40 years because to her it feels as if "no time has passed."

Stockard was actually 33 when she played the high school teenager, Betty Rizzo, and admits that she has only actually watched the film twice.

“I saw it when it first opened and then there was the 20th anniversary."

Here are a few "Grease" trivia facts you may be interested in. The famous Kenickie hickeys on Rizzo's neck were real and were placed there by her co-star and on-screen boyfriend actor Jeff Conway. During the filming Conway was injured and revealed he became addicted to painkillers due to the injury.

John Travolta, who played Danny was not the first choice for the role. It was actually Henry Winkler, also known as Fonzie on "Happy Days," who first turned down the role. The teenage musical only had two true teenagers in the cast, Dinah Manoff and Lorenzo Lamas were both 19, everyone else was over 21 according to IMDB.

Since "Grease," Stockard Channing has gone on to star in several Broadway plays and won an Emmy for her work in Aaron Sorkin’s beloved political show, The West Wing.

Some of her most notable performances include roles in "Practical Magic" and "Where the Heart Is." Her most recent television roles include guest appearances on "The Guest Book" and "Difficult People." Are you shocked by Channing's appearance?