"Fast and the Furious" sequels earn upwards of a billion dollars every time they hit theaters. That said, however, it was revealed that the ninth installment in the franchise will be pushed back to 2020.

The studio confirmed the news on Wednesday that "Fast and the Furious 9" is set to be released on April 10, 2020, instead of April 19, 2019. The Hollywood Reporter further added that most of its main casts are returning in the next movie. Vin Diesel is still the lead star of the film; however, it is still unclear whether or not Dwayne Johnson will re-join the cast.

Biggest global sales

Earlier this year, the "Fate of the Furious," which was the eight installment, landed its biggest sale globally. When the film started airing on theaters, the film was already on its way to reaching $1.238 billion around the world.

Hence, the studio added that its main franchise will continue with "Furious 9" and "Furious 10." However, the production is not yet sure whether the tenth installment will be rescheduled from the original release date which will be on April 2, 2021.

Following the biggest "Fast and the Furious" news, it was also learned that the studio is already plotting another spinoff that is set to star Jason Statham and Johnson. Meanwhile, the film's possible spinoff might be released on 2019.

Plot details

While the Universal studio is plotting everything for its ninth installment, the Entertainment Weekly reported that the movie's plot details have been kept under wraps. The previous "Fate of the Furious" film was normally the start of the "Fast" trilogy, which introduced Charlize Theron Cipher as the main antagonist.

The studio doesn't have any word yet as to what the ninth film's title will be. However, some of the possible titles of the movie are, "The Facts of the Furious," "The Fury of the Fast," "The Fall of the Furious," and "Final Furious: The Beginning." These titles are merely speculations not until the Universal studio will announce the official title of the film.

No official director

Another report from The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the ninth film hasn't chosen its official director yet. It wasn't yet sure whether F. Gary Gray will return behind the wheel. It was also believed that the former director doesn't have any projects yet and perhaps, his schedule will be clear for this movie. Avid fans should also expect that the upcoming ninth installment will still feature their favorite actors and actresses.