Good news awaits for "Bob's Burgers" fans as the network confirmed that the hit animation series is all set to have a Big Screen premiere in 2020. According to New York Daily News, Century Fox announced on Wednesday that they have already given the green light for the first "Bob's Burgers" movie.

The creator of the series, Loren Bouchard, has expressed his excitement with the fact that they have been given the opportunity to be on the big screen. The series premiered on the small screen in 2011 and has since been entertaining the viewers with the Belcher's family antics.

The series is not just an ordinary animation as it has already won an Emmy-award for the Outstanding Animated Program in 2014.

According to Deadline, FOX Animation will be in-charge of production of the film. The CEO and Twentieth Century Fox Film chairman, Stacey Snider, revealed that the big-screen production of "Bob's Burgers" fits perfectly with their effort to redouble their family and animation efforts. She also added that FOX animation is very excited to work with Loren Bouchard and their team.

The best movie ever made

Fans of "Bob's Burgers" who have been following the show for years already know the oddness and the quirks of the Belcher family. However, Loren Bouchard revealed his concern for the people who haven't watched a single episode of "Bob's Burgers."

With that in mind, he shared that the creative team and writers of "Bob's Burgers" movie for 2020 will try their best to brainstorm and come up with a movie that will entertain both the long-time viewers of the series and the newbies as well.

Bouchard also admitted that they are already feeling the pressure of coming up with the best version of "Bob's Burgers" in the form of a movie.

Additionally, the pressure for the success of "Bob's Burgers" movie on the big screen can also be attributed to the success of other animated TV series that hit the big screen like "The Simpsons" and "Spongebob Squarepants."

The lovable oddballs

At first glance, the Belcher family may look like a normal family that owns a small burger joint as their source of income.

However, Bob and Linda, together with their three kids - Louise, Gene, and Tina, are quirky characters altogether. Fans are already excited to see what "Bob's Burgers" movie for 2020 has in-store for them. It's still unclear what the central plot of the movie will be but it will definitely be connected to the beloved burger chain.