“Fast and Furious 8” recently finished its Paris premiere. Fans will see the eighth installment of the popular movie franchise, also known as "Fate of the Furious" on April 12 in the UK and April 14 in the US. Its previous offering was one of the highest grossing films of all- time. The story revolves around Dominic Toretto (vin diesel) and his team who started as street racers and have now turned the entire franchise into an "Ocean’s Eleven"-like film.

Han’s comeback

New speculation has made the rounds on the Internet recently about one remarkable character in the Fast franchise that is said to return in the movie.

The speculations stemmed from Slash Film’s interview with movie writer Chris Morgan, when he was asked about the possibility of Han making a comeback. The writer was quoted saying that he has been thinking about that same thing a lot. He further said that the best way to find out is to just wait for “Fast and Furious 8” to roll.


Han Seoul-Oh (Sung Kang) was first introduced in "Tokyo Drift" where he was killed in the film. Morgan made several changes to the film's timeline to bring his character back in the movie. Film installments 4 up to 6 happened between the events in the second and third movie installments. In "Furious 7" it was revealed that Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) killed his character, which prompted Toretto’s revenge.

Character’s resurrection

Bringing back Han’s character has the potential to play down his death in the entire franchise. He was already dead, and, overall, the act could be too much and could potentially bring more harm than good in terms of plot flow. The possibility of bringing dead characters back was already done in the movie, Letty is the best example.

'Fate of the Furious'

According to Vin Diesel, the “Fast and Furious 8” will be the beginning of a new trilogy within the franchise. He added that there would be fresh characters and a fresh story. Most likely, bringing back Han is possible if it's in the form of a flashback or backstory.