“Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry fans have good news. Lowry has been prepping up for a big day for a long time. The mother of three has finally graduated. In the last episode, Lowry was heard telling her friends the night of her graduation that she doesn’t want any of her children’s father to be present for this special occasion. According to a report by People, Lowry has two sons from Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin each. She is expecting her third child from Chris Lopez.

Everything you need to know

During the graduation episode, one of her friends was heard asking Lowry if she feels like someone was missing from this big day of her life.

She replied to her by taking Chris’ name. She further added that since he is her “baby daddy,” she would want him by her side. It did not appear like she was sad or lost. In fact, she was very excitedly speaking about her plans after graduation. She said that she is considering attending grad school soon after she gives birth to the third child. She also suggested that if she doesn’t attend grad school, then she will probably end up taking a job towards the end of January next year.

Before Lowry walked out of the event along with her friends, she was recorded expressing disbelief to her professors. She told them how it was her life-long dream to graduate. The teen mom further added that she couldn't believe that she has finally achieved this deed.

Lowry was hoping to see Chris until the very end of her graduation ceremony. She had even invited him, but he did not show up. Her two sons were seated across the stage. They were videotaped cheering loudly for their mother when she walked on the stage. She stood on the stage and waved back at her children.

An emotional moment for Lowry

After the stage-ceremony was over, Lowry descended the platform and was immediately hugged by her sons. They congratulated her for being a graduate. This emotional moment led her to break down in tears. While most of the “Teen Mom 2” episode revolved around Lowry, Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus also took up screen time.

Jenelle Evans was seen traveling to New York to spend some time with her friends. She also wishes to purchase her wedding dress from the city. At the same time, Briana DeJesus is finally back home after giving birth to a daughter, Stella. She found difficulties adjusting but all was okay after her baby was born. Indeed, getting graduated is a huge moment in Lowery's life. The next episode will release next week on MTV.