President Donald Trump's wives, past and present, are engaging in a catty and public "First Lady" battle that is beginning to escalate into reality television drama status. Melania Trump has clapped back at the current President's former wife Ivana Trump for calling herself the "first lady" during Monday's ABC News interview.

Ivana revealed during the interview that she has the private and direct telephone number to the White House and is able to reach her ex-husband anytime. However, she continued to say that she does not to phone him there because his current and third wife Melania is there and she doesn't want to start any jealousy issues.

Ivana draws first blood

Fair enough, but, Ivana couldn't let it go without at least throwing one dig at Melania Trump by adding "I'm basically the first Trump wife." Ivana Trump was on ABC to promote her upcoming memoir book "Raising Trump." "I'm the first lady, OK?" she continued, laughing.

This did not sit well with Melania, who responded to Ivana's remarks in a statement to USA Today via spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham who called the former Mrs. Trump's remarks "attention seeking and self-serving noise." Grisham went to state that Melania is honored by her role as the "First Lady" and plans to use her position to help children, not to "sell books."

Trump family drama not sitting well with America

During the interview, Ivana also revealed what life with Donald Trump was like when they were raising their children, stating that the current President spent all his time on the phone and wasn't a "classic father." As far as how she feels about her ex's current position as President of the United States, Ivana said, "I think Donald is a good man, and he is trying to do the best he can and he's going to run the country as his business.

He will negotiate."

To date, President Donald Trump has yet to respond to the Trump women's public drama, but considering his love of social media use, it will not come as a huge surprise to many to find a tweet or ten on the matter in the near future. This is just the latest Trump family "drama" that a lot Americans deeming it unnecessary focus on the First Family's attention.

There are real threats and issues that need major attention and this reality television type White House drama is becoming a real concern that too much time is being spent "responding" to such remarks instead of taking care of the real issues at hand.

How do you feel about the Trump ladies current drama over the "First Lady" title?