Dan and Charlotte might rekindle things between them in “LuciferSeason 3. Kevin Alejandro, who plays Dan, hints at a possible reconciliation between the two. He teases that eventually, they will become close again.

Season 2 finale recap

Season 2 ended sourly for Detective Dan after Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mother left Charlotte Richards’ body. When the divine being left her human host to venture into another dimension, Charlotte woke up with no knowledge of what happened to her. She did not know how she ended up at the beach and she did not recognize Dan—much to his surprise.

Kevin Alejandro talks Dan’s feelings

Going into Season 3 of “Lucifer,” Dan continues to ask himself about what happened to Charlotte. He wonders if she forgot that they had a relationship. Of course, Dan is heartbroken that she does not recognize who he is nor remember their past. Kevin Alejandro says it’s a “punch in the gut” for Dan that the attorney does not remember that they had a love affair. The detective is also even more confused. In the premiere episode of "Lucifer" Season 3, Dan opens up to Chloe Decker (Lauren German) about his confusion over Charlotte’s odd behavior.

Dan rekindles romance with Charlotte in ‘Lucifer’ Season 3

However, Alejandro teases at a possible reconciliation between Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer) and Dan.

He says that eventually, they become close again, which could lead to romance. “Throughout the season, you kind of see them get a little bit closer and he questions the possibility for as to whether or not they can have a relationship between the real Charlotte Richards and Dan,” Alejandro tells Buddy TV.

In a previous interview, Kevin Alejandro also talked about the possibility that Dan and Charlotte might revisit their relationship.

He said it would be an interesting discovery since Dan would be dealing with the real Charlotte this time and not mom. He might be in for a little surprise when he realizes how different Charlotte has become. This certainly makes for an interesting and exciting discovery when Dan sees that he is dealing with a whole new person.

Then there is also the question whether he can accept the real Charlotte Richards. The Charlotte he knew was rather aggressive and flirtatious.

Charlotte fancies Lucifer

However, Dan might have to work hard to rekindle things with Charlotte especially when she has her sights set on another man. Tricia Helfer previously teased that her character somehow remembers Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) instead of Dan. She added that Charlotte might even fancy the devil too.