On Tuesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Traci Abbott's curiosity led her to a startling truth. She was trying to find out Graham's real identity to help Ashley prove he is a fraud. Now she has opened a can of worms, and the information she uncovered will affect everyone in her family. Her sister is intent on getting evidence to present to Dina, that the woman in Florida is her companion's mother and not an aunt as he stated. When the truth is revealed the family will be stunned, and all of Genoa City will be shocked. Graham and Ashley who loathe each other will find that they have a common bond that unites them by blood.

Traci finds the missing link

Jack and Ashley found out that Graham is from Genoa City, and inlisted Ravi to help find out information on their mother's constant companion. Nothing could be found, so they determined he had a different name when he was growing up. Traci recently returned to town and her sister shared with her the situation thus far. On Tuesday Traci was talking with a friend and asked if a Graham Bloodworth had attended high school with them. She was told there was a Graham a few years behind their class, but he had a different last name.

At the end of the episode, Traci was looking at a photo of a Graham Davis. This would confirm spoiler alerts from the summer which said Ashley and Graham were siblings.

Brent This indicates that Dina's constant companion shares the same biological father as her second child. Brent Davis, the man who Dina cheated on John Abbott for is the dad of both Ashley and Graham. Traci has found the missing link and things are about to become complicated for everyone.

Graham's plan to punish Dina may be derailed

Graham's mother implies that Dina ruined her family ad this is why her son has befriended Ms. Mergeron. They seem to be setting her up to take her for all she is worth. Dina has already left the bulk of her estate to her companion so there may be more to this story. When the truth is revealed, Mrs.

Bloodworth herself will be stunned as not only did her husband cheat on her but he left evidence in the form of Ashley. The plans to punish Dina could be derailed as the new half-siblings come to terms with this unexpected revelation.

On Tuesday Graham hinted that there might be some type of surprise revealed at the event celebrating Ashley's award as the innovator of the year. The surprise, however, may just be on him. This new development is sure to cause quite a stir. The plot has thickened, and things are about to become very interesting. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 12:30 p.m. for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."