After nearly a 100 days in the White House, Donald Trump has had a lot on his plate. While he usually uses Twitter to lash out at a variety of issues, the president took to social media to wish his wife a happy birthday.

Trump fail

When Donald Trump made the announcement that he was going to run for president, the consensus was that he wouldn't last long in the primary, and would soon fade out after the novelty wore off. However, Trump gained momentum early on and rode that popularity to the Republican National Convention where he was accepted the nomination for the GOP.

Just a few months later and the former host of "The Apprentice" shocked the world with his stunning and surprising general election victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. With Trump in the White House, it became natural for comparisons to be made. While Trump was compared to former President Barack Obama, new First Lady Melania Trump had an issue of her own. Michelle Obama has been admired by many, so Melania had tough shoes to fills in that spot. The biggest personal issue facing the Trump family is that many have questioned the sincerity of their relationship, which was evident when the president sent out a Twitter birthday wish to his wife on April 26.

Taking to his Twitter account on April 26, Donald Trump decided to send out a happy birthday wish to Melania Trump.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our @FLOTUS, Melania!," he tweeted out. However, the response from many on social media didn't go according to plan.

Social media reacts

"How sweet of you to wish her a happy birthday from three states away," comedian Kristina Wong wrote on Twitter. In a follow-up tweet, Wong added, "When you were 24 years old, Melania was born!

You had to wait for your love to be legal! So much romance!!!"

"Absolutely love that you took this opportunity to post a picture that is mostly about you," the official eBaum's World Twitter account posted, following it up with a cropped picture that removed Melania Trump from view.

"Did you have to tweet her because Melania is in New York & won't live with you in the White House?" journalist Edward Hardy rhetorically tweeted.

"Is it her real birthday or just date of purchase?" another tweet read. "Before you know it, she'll be your age, and you'll be 117! (just kidding, you'll be dead)," writer Jules Suzdaltsev added.

"For her birthday gift did you just guarantee that you won't live with her for at least another year?" actor Tommy Campbell wrote on Twitter. The tweets kept pouring in, as it was made clear that many Americans are not willing to take their foot of the gas of criticism against the commander in chief.