"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the week of October 16 thru October 20 reveal that a major shift is about to occur in Salem, one that will change lives forever. Sami Brady has arrived back in Salem, and of course, she has her own agenda, but it will quickly change once she learns the news concerning her son Will Horton's alleged death.

Can Sami Brady help Lucas?

Lucas and Brady realize they have more in common than they knew. Brady is back on the bottle, and Lucas fell off the wagon a good while back. Lucas arrives at the mansion drunk to chat with Sonny about Will.

He finds Brady drinking and joins him. The two begin bonding over their current situations and love of alcohol. This could be the beginning of a dangerous and destructive friendship.

During their chat they realize they are both angry, feel betrayed and believe the answer to their pain lies at the bottom of a bottle. If these two continue bonding and building a relationship in this condition only terrible things will come out it for both. Hopefully, Sami Brady can snap Lucas back into reality and place his focus on searching for Will instead of destroying himself. Lucas visits Will's grave to find Sami there.

More secrets begin to unfold in Salem

Drunk and angry Lucas verbally attacks Sami, but Sami can handle him.

Once she gets over the shock of seeing Lucas drunk again, she takes over in classic Sami Brady fashion. Most fans would not be surprised to see Sami and Lucas find comfort in each other during their search. After all, they share a past, children, and a bond that will last a lifetime. Sami is about to find out that she is not the only one who has some crazy and unbelievable news that will change a lot of lives very soon.

Sami and Lucas will be teaming up with the DiMeras in their search for Will, Dr. Rolf and those responsible for the crazy chaos that is yet to unfold in Salem when the unexpected begin to return to Salem to shake up the city.

Brady becomes a scary man

Brady has fans concerned, he is just becoming very dark and evil, not to mention borderline abusive where Nicole is concerned.

This is bound to end badly, and Brady may not recover for quite some time. Revenge is a nasty friend and combined with booze and heartbreak it could prove to be a dangerous time for Brady. Nicole is set to make a huge life-changing decision, and just how Brady handles it will determine a lot in the future.

Nicole has been confiding in and listening to Chloe's advice, but it is suggested that Chloe is not quite the good friend Nicole believes her to be. In fact, Chloe may just have an ulterior motive of her own, one that involves getting Nicole out of Brady's life, and her right back in.

What are your thoughts on Lucas and Brady's boozy bonding, and do you believe Nicole should really trust Chloe's advice? "Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.