"Days of Our Lives" fans could be getting a hefty dose of the Dimera family in 2018. Now, we are well aware that 2018 is still months away, but new spoiler talk from CDL reveals that the cast is now filming what will be the March episodes of the daytime soap, and it is telling. The TV and celebrity news site claims that cast members have been spotted dressed in Spring Masquerade wardrobe courtesy of Galen Gering's (Rafe Hernandez) phone app photos.

Unknown Dimera enemies?

"Dool" fans are well aware that when it comes to the masquerade ball, we can expect things to go wrong.

This is usually the time when a DiMera plot comes into action. It has speculated that during spring 2018 the DiMera family will be on the move once again. As previously reported, Joseph Mascola, who played Stefano DiMera passed away last December. There has been some hushed talk of possibly recasting the role, but that is not sitting well with "Days" viewers.

The future of "Days"

But, there are a few ways that Salem could be plagued once again by the arrival of the DiMeras. First off, EJ DiMera could make his return from the dead, via the same route as Will Horton, a medical mystery. Another interesting tidbit could come from Kristin DiMera/Susan Banks during her return in November. Fans may remember that during the Susan Banks story she referred to EJ DiMera as her firstborn, does this mean that Susan could have spawned more DiMera offspring whom we may be meeting?

Is it possible that EJ may have a younger brother or sister who may be arriving in Salem? What about Stefano? It would be impossible to replace Mascola in the role, but perhaps Stefano has a brother, who has vowed to seek revenge in his honor by finishing off his mission to destroy the Horton and Brady families?

The end of 2017 is gearing up to be quite a dramatic and exciting time for "Days of Our Lives" viewers, and if the new head writer Ron Carlivati keeps his word, we can certainly expect him to continue shaking things up in Salem for many years to come.

In the upcoming months, we could also be seeing interesting storylines which also involve Belle and Shawn, and possibly Mimi and Philip.

Since Carlivati's takeover, the fan feedback has been mostly positive. However, some of the more seasoned "Days" fans have expressed an interest in seeing more storylines which involve some of the veteran characters such as John and Marlena, Roman, Maggie, and Victor.

Which do you prefer, the older castmembers stories, or the younger generation, or a continued mix of both?

What are your thoughts on more DiMera family members being added to the cast, is this a good idea, or is there a new arch-enemy lurking in the shadows waiting to make their move? Time will soon reveal. "Days Of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC. #DaysofOurLives