Chester Bennington’s will is now revealed after committing suicide on July 20. The late Linkin Park’s frontman named his wife, Talinda Bentley, as the person responsible for everything he owned.

The late singer had established the Chester and Talinda Bennington Family Trust for his six kids and their extended families. He has three kids with Talinda, Tyler, Lily, and Lila, while he also has a son with his first wife Samantha Olit named Draven. Lastly, he has a son with his former girlfriend Elka Brand and also adopted her son named Isaiah.

Bennington’s will

In his will obtained by E! News, Chester Bennington requested that his children’s “mothers and guardians” let his kids see one another and their extended families.

He wanted this to happen regularly and constantly. In this way, his brood will never feel that they are alone and they have a big and loving family. The trust he made will cover all his kids’ travel to visit each other.

Aside from the trust fund, Bennington also let Talinda handle all his musical assets. This will legally allow her to “license, sell, and renew his copyrights.” Also, she can deal his “royal interests” to any other property he owned. She, too, is the one who will incur the costs to prepare all the works that needed to be published that he hadn’t had the chance to do so.

Lastly, she will hold, manage, and operate the properties and businesses her husband had before he died.

The peril of great wealth

On the other hand, Talinda Bentley requested the court to conceal the names and addresses of Chester Bennington’s kids from the public.

She explained that the revelation of the children's information might bring great harm and “unwarranted media attention.” In fact, a lot of people have been gathering outside their house since her late husband died.

This made her feel that her family is unsecured, thus she hired “24-hour security guards” to protect every one of them.

Chester’s tragic death

On July 20, the world was surprised to learn that Chester Bennington committed suicide. He was 41.

A County Coroner's Office’s spokesperson confirmed the songwriter’s cause of death. He was found lifeless by his assistant at their private residence in Palos Verdes Estates in the Los Angeles area.

A coroner was there to investigate.

The late Linkin Park frontman married Talinda Bentley in 2006. He, too, was a close friend of the late Soundgarden and Audioslave vocalist Chris Cornell, who also committed suicide by hanging in May. The day Chester took his own life was the same day Cornell could’ve been celebrated his 53rd birthday.