It's no secret that Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell have been good friends for years. Now that the two rock stars have passed away, die-hard fans of their respective bands are hoping that they can still be next to each other - at least in their resting spot.

In a report by TMZ, it was been revealed that the famous vocalists of Linkin Park and Soundgarden might be buried next to each other. According to the news site, the burial plot next to Cornell is still available, sparking hopes that the Bennington will be put to rest in that particular spot.

Bennington and Cornell in the same cemetery?

Sources revealed to TMZ that the burial space next to Chris at the Hollywood Forever Cemetry is still unoccupied. Apparently, the management of the cemetery expects Chester's family to reach out to them soon and discuss the purchase of the plot.

However, no official announcements have been made yet regarding Bennington's funeral following his shocking suicide. The family of the 41-year-old singer has yet to confirm whether they intend to bury Chester next to Chris.

Still, fans of both singers are hopeful that the two will be able to reunite even in their eternal resting place.

Meanwhile, sources close to Linkin Park revealed to HollywoodLife that there's a high possibility that Chester's family will consider burying him next to Chris at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, adding that the place is a front runner simply because Cornell is there.

"Final confirmations are still about a week away," the source told HollywoodLife. "But it is one thing that continues to be mentioned as a very high possibility to occur."

Chester and Chris' death eerily identical

With news of Bennington being buried next to each other, many were quick to bring up the similarities of their fate.

There were claims that Chester may have mimicked Chris' suicide, especially as they both took their own lives by way of hanging.

Interestingly, Bennington committed suicide on Cornell's 53rd birthday, sparking speculations that his action was somehow influenced by the Soundgarden singer.

It can be recalled that when Chris took his own life, Chester was one of the many who expressed heartbreak over his death.

There were claims that the Linkin Park singer was having a hard time coping with the sad news as evident in an open letter he posted on Twitter.

During Chris' funeral, Chester also performed a heartfelt performance of "Hallelujah" as a tribute to his good friend.

Is it a good idea to have Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell buried side by side at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery? Share your thoughts below.