Brad Pitt's colleagues could testify that the actor is not involved with Ella Purnell after reports of their rumored relationship made headlines. For the past several days, the two have been mired in dating rumors after the actor and producer picked the 21-year-old actress for his upcoming TV series, titled "Sweetbitter," which is an adaptation of a novel written by Stephanie Danler.

"Brad [Pitt] had Ella [Purnell] in mind from the get-go. He went out of his way to cast her," a source told InTouch. "Ella [Purnell] is incredibly flattered by all the attention she's getting from Brad [Pitt].

She's told friends he's always been her number one celebrity crush."

Brad Pitt's rumored relationship with Ella Purnell

It is also worth noting that Ella Purnell has played a young Angelina Jolie in her 2014 film, "Maleficent." Her acting credits include "Ways to Live Forever," "Kick-Ass 2," "The Legend of the Tarzan," "Churchill" and more. She has won five awards and two recognition for her character in "WildLike," where she played the role of a 14-year-old girl who was molested by her own uncle.

Her talent in acting was also recognized by Brad Pitt who admires her work as a young actress. A source, however, confirmed to Hollywood Life that these rumors linking the two are not true and baseless.

“Sure, he admires her work and there’s no denying she’s gorgeous, but everyone around him is saying there’s no truth to this story of them dating," it explained.

Aside from that, the "Fight Club" actor reportedly saw Ella Purnell's resemblance to his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. He was also captured by the young actress' funny disposition and impeccable acting skills.

Meanwhile, his ex-wife was allegedly disappointed when she learned about his rumored relationship with the young actress.

Angelina Jolie reacts to Brad Pitt's dating rumors

An insider claimed the "Girl, Interrupted" actress was troubled by the age gap between Brad Pitt and Ella Purnell. Angelina Jolie, however, was reassured by their colleagues that the dating rumors were not true.

Another source, however, claimed that the mother of six is worried that her ex-husband may have totally moved on from their marriage after the separation.

It also suggested that Angelina Jolie is still not ready to accept if Brad Pitt will ever decide to start dating again. Apart from Ella Purnell, the 53-year-old actor was previously linked to Sienna Miller and Kate Hudson although he denied these rumors.