Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth met on the latest season of "Bachelor in Paradise" and they were the only couple engaged at the end of the season. If you don't follow them on social networks, then you might not realize how well these two are doing. They haven't shared any wedding dates just yet, but it does look like a wedding is going to happen when they are ready for it. There is no reason to doubt that they won't work.

How are they doing now?

Derek and Taylor are still together and have been posting on their social networks together a lot. Just last month, they were in Seattle and spending time with Taylor's friends.

She also has family members there. Derek even said that their time there made him realize he was in love with her. They spent time together in paradise, but they are getting to know each other better now. Derek loved seeing how she connects with her family and even her animals. Some couples fall apart when they get out in the real world, but it sounds like this worked for them.

Just last week, Taylor Nolan mentioned that they were both sick in bed and watching Netflix. It sounds like they are just enjoying living life together. It really doesn't sound like they are going to be rushing to get married. Maybe they will end up having a wedding on the next season of "Bachelor in Paradise" or the new show "Bachelor: Winter Games."

Taylor and Derek's history

Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth met on "Bachelor in Paradise" and fell for each other right away.

When production was shut down, they spent a lot of time together, so when the show started filming again it was obvious they were a couple and not going to be split up by anyone new coming on the show.

A few couples on the show took a bit to end up finding their way, but Taylor and Derek were never like that at all. Instead, they seemed like a great couple the entire way through.

Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes already called it quits since the show. Hopefully, Derek and Taylor are going to end up being that couple that lasts just like Jade and Tanner.

Are you surprised to see how great Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth are still doing? Do you feel like these two will get married? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss watching Arie Luyendyk Jr.

as "The Bachelor" starting airing in January of 2018. Also in February the new show "Bachelor: Winter Games" will start airing and hopefully, there will be a few love connections happen on that show as well. Fans are just going to have to wait and see.