"Bachelor in Paradise" season has been canceled amid allegations of "misconduct." The news surfaced Sunday Night when it was learned that all of the contestants were sent home from filming in Mexico. Apparently, two of the contestants are mired in the scandal that is being investigated. Details are scant on exactly what happened, but it has to do with a producer suing the franchise.

Investigation launched

Reality Steve kept his followers in the loop on Sunday night by tweeting that "Bachelor in Paradise" has been canceled and unlikely to resume filming.

He didn't know what went down but shared that it wasn't good. In another message, he revealed that no one was hurt during filming, but an investigation has launched. Warner Bros. said in a statement that once a "thorough investigation" is complete, they'll take the appropriate "responsive action."

According to Amy Kaufman, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson had footage shown of a hookup during one of their interviews for "Bachelor in Paradise." It's being characterized as "soft-core porn." In her words, the two contestants got naked and started behaving sexually. A producer who saw the footage didn't show up to work the next day and is now suing the show over "misconduct."

Contestants film 'raunchy' scene

Circumstances surrounding the "Bachelor in Paradise" cancellation have a lot of blanks at this point.

Sex is a huge part of "The Bachelor" franchise, so it's strange that a producer would take legal action over Corinne and DeMario's hook-up. Kaufman also claims that the couple didn't have sex, but the scene was "raunchy."

As fans remember, Corinne wasn't afraid to show her overt sexuality to Nick Viall during his season of "The Bachelor." She took off her top in the pool during one group date and was straddling him in a bouncy structure on another group date.

Corinne was aggressive and made enemies with several of the other contestants.

As for DeMario, viewers didn't get a chance to see that side of him because he was kicked off Rachel Lindsay's season of "The Bachelorette" early for not being honest about having a girlfriend when joining the show.

He did return for the next episode pleading for Rachel to take him back, but she refused.

Whatever the footage showed of Corinne and DeMario, it was bad enough to halt filming. Are you shocked to hear the bombshell report that "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 is canceled?