All of the buzz about the "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal will have several people with different reactions regarding what happened to cause production to shut down. TMZ caught up with Eric Bigger to get his account of what went down in Mexico when Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson went too far with their "soft core porn" behavior.

Investigation into "BiP"

As a Los Angeles Times reporter revealed on her Twitter feed, Corinne and DeMario were engaging in some "raunchy" activity that didn't sit well with a producer on the set. As told by DeMario, Corinne jumped on his lap and began "rubbing" on him and making serious sexual gestures to which he reciprocated.

As reports are stating, it was even out of line by "Bachelor" standards. As fans know, the show has been dabbling more in graphic conduct from contestants, but the latest on "Bachelor in Paradise" season 4 was too much for one of the producers, and now a suit is being filed against the show for inappropriate conduct. The show has been canceled, contestants sent home, and an investigation launched.

Eric Bigger says things "got out of whack"

Bigger, one of the "Bachelor in Paradise" contestants for season 4 and former "Bachelorette" contestant on Rachel Lindsay's season, said a few of the contestants pushed the envelope and "got out of whack." He said the "truth came to light," but didn't elaborate on too much more than that.

He seemed to imply that the investigation will deliver the "truth," whatever that is.

Warner Bros. released a statement explaining that the show has been suspended and a "full investigation" has been launched. The company said it will take the "responsive action" necessary when the probe is concluded.

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Corinne's past behavior on Nick's season

"Bachelor in Paradise" is a popular spin-off of ABC's reality show franchise. Fans were shocked to hear that filming was halted and all of the cast members were sent home on Sunday. It's unclear why Corinne and DeMario were behaving the way they were. It sounds like some drinking was involved and they didn't think about what they were doing.

Corinne also pushed the envelope on Nick Viall's season of "The Bachelor" when she took off her top on a group date and was straddling him on another group date. She's uninhibited and aggressive in using her sexuality to win men over -- and she is proud of that quality. She made it to the semi-finalist stage during Nick's season in spite of ticking off the other women and seeing how far she could go with Nick.